Leon Michael Sadler, 1984-20??

- Cartoonist - Artist - Publisher - Graphic Designer - Hybrid -

"you're like the guru secret weapon waiting in The treasure box.....with a cigarette hanging off your lip (punisher style) and yourE crouched in the corner of the treasure box" - Rafael Delacruz

"ur not a bad boy at all, your like a little flower, trying to be cool at times :D" - Yannick Val Gesto


June/July - Trio exhibition. Harpy, Rutherford, NJ. June 2017.

FIGURED OUT! Bodily Form in Contemporary Ceramics - Collective exhibition. Andrew Rafacz, Chicago. June 2017.

Poltergeist - Solo exhibition. Syson, Nottingham. January 2017.

5 - Collective exhibition. Hole Of The Fox, Antwerp. June 2016.

Mould Map 6: Terraformers - Collective exhibition. Bonington Gallery, Nottingham. October 2016.

Trespasser - Solo exhibition. Wish Less, Tokyo. July 2016.

Bless This Mess - Duo exhibition with Lucas Dillon. SO Gallery, Tokyo. July 2016.

Stay Fresh - Collective exhibition. Bebi, bebispace.com September 2015.

Don't be sad, Be Bad - Duo exhibition with Jake Kent. School Of The Damned @ The Function Room, London. September 2015.

Bumblebee - Solo exhibition. Hole Of The Fox, Antwerp. June 2015.

Alien Kingdom - Solo exhibition. Paradise Projects, Leicester. April 2015.

Oblivion Suite - Solo exhibition. Triple OG, Nottingham. March 2015.

Too Much - Collective exhibition. Two Queens, Leicester. October 2014.

Last Paint - Collective exhibition. Mission Comics and Art Gallery, San Francisco. June 2014.

Surrender By Force - Solo exhibition. Hectoliter, Brussels. February 2014.

Bogles Hole - Trio exhibition with Jamie/Ricky McNeill. Superclub, Edinburgh. July 2013.

G.R.O.T.O. Paintings - Duo exhibition with Matt Lock. Gallery Mainzerstr. 185, Saarbrücken. April 2013.

Tria Menso - Collective exhibition. Superclub, Glasgow. November 2012.

Euroboys Crysis/Noscrubs - Trio exhibition with Massimiliano Bomba & Yannick Val Gesto. Le Monte En L'Air, Paris. April 2012.

Balance/Time - Guest Lecture for BA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts, London. February 2012.

Glamourie - Collective exhibition. PSL Gallery, Leeds. January - March 2012.

Frederic Magazine - Collective exhibition. Galerie Jean Marc Thévenet, Paris. November 2011. Les Territoires de l’Art Modeste, Musée International des Arts

Modestes, Sète. November 2010. Sarjakuvakeskus Comics Center, Helsinki. October 2010.

Biennale d’Art Contemporain du Havre, Le Havre. October 2010. GHP Gallery, Toulouse. June 2010 & 2009.

Galerie du Faouëdic, Lorient. March 2010. Arts Factory - Galerie Nomade, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris. March 2009.

Comiket - Publishing fair. Bishopsgate Institute, London. November 2011. Royal National Rooms, London. November 2010. ICA, London. November 2009.

N.K. Zine: We Never Made Any Mistake - Collective exhibition. Dem Passwords, L.A. January 2011.

Secret Project Gallery, Brooklyn. December 2010. Radiostore, Milan. October 2010. Motelsalieri, Rome. May 2010.

Livres Snack - Curated comics dispenser. Angoulême comics festival, C/O Na, Angoulême. January 2011.

Zürcher Zine Sezession - Publishing fair. Perla Mode, Zurich. December 2010 & 2009.

NY Art Book Fair - Publishing fair. (C/O Motto Distribution) MoMA PS1, New York. November 2010 & 2009.

Kirk Carrion - Collective exhibition. Market Gallery, London. August 2010.

The Cheaper Show - Collective exhibition. Les Gallery, Vancouver. June 2010.

Publish & Be Damned - Publishing fair. Pick Me Up graphic-art fair, Somerset House, London. May 2010.

Oxford House, London. September 2009.

Unter Dem Motto - Publishing fair. Chert Gallery, Berlin. September 2009.

Tokyo Art Book Fair - Publishing fair. Zine’s Mate, Vacant, Tokyo. July 2009.

Cubist Dogs - Collective exhibition. View & Ask Gallery, London. July 2008.

Xymphora 2 - Collective exhibition. Kevin Linfoot Gallery, Leeds. December 2006.

4th Underling at Famicon

Lead artist at LSG (Leon Sadler Games)

Creative Director at Famicon Express hobby-level publishing enterprise

Co-editor of Mould Map art & comix anthology

Other book projects are archived Here

FREE .zip file containing comic samples of recent works and various contributions to comic anthologies.

Download here

A little archive of selected drawings and paintings is saved here

.........................................................PHANTOM TROUPE

Commercial Clients: Ekster Records, Givenchy, Picturebox, AIGA, Garage Magazine, Nieves, Gasius, Bavarian State Opera, Believer Magazine, Collection Revue, The Guardian, Some Such, Domino Records, Vice Magazine, Strange Attractor…

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